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1 mono_p.gif [R F 332.1532 B213] 100 Preguntas y respuestas sobre el Banco Mundial. Banco Mundial BIRF 1970
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10 mono_p.gif [B.M. R 362.509596 P929] A poverty profile of Cambodia Prescott, Nicholas WORLD BANK 1997
11 mono_p.gif [330.9593 B213] A public development program for Thailand : report of a Mission organized by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development at the request of the Goverment of Thailand. Banco Mundial J. HOPKINS PRESS 1960.
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14 mono_p.gif [BM 307.14120951 N993] Accelerating Chinas rural transformation Nyberg, Albert WORLD BANK 1999
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20 mono_p.gif [B.M. 351.711 A241] Adquisición de productos farmacéuticos y vacunas Documentos estándar de licitación WORLD BANK 1993

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