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[339 I61N] 1986-1987 : introduction to macroeconomics :readings on contemporary issues MCGRAW HILL
1986339 Macroeconomía
[F 339.460973 U84] A balanced national program to attack the conditions of poverty in America Planning pamphlet - 128 Estados Unidos. National Planning Association [S.N.]
1970339 Macroeconomía
[F 339.53 H155] A comment on William Pool'es paper "Exchange rate management and monetary policy mismanagement : a study of Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, and United States After Plaza" Research Working Paper N° 91-03 Hakkio, Craig S. FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF KANSAS CITY
1991339 Macroeconomía
[339.942 P142] A comparison of national output and productivity of the United Kingdom and the United States Paige, Deborah. ORGANISATION FOR EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COOPERATION
1959339 Macroeconomía
[339.430151 S694] A consumption-saving model and its applications Contributions to economic analysis - 79 Somermeyer, W. H.
1973339 Macroeconomía
[339.01 P355] A contribution to demand analysis Pearce, Ivor F. CLAREDON PRESS
1964339 Macroeconomía
[339 H148] A critical essay on modern macroeconomic theory Hahn, Frank MIT PRESS
1997339 Macroeconomía
[339 H148 1995] A Critical essay on modern macroenomic theory Hahn, Frank. MIT PRESS
1995339 Macroeconomía
[339.373 C748CR] A critique ofunds approach to social accounting : appraisal, analysis, and applications Studies in income and wealth - 26 Conference on Research in Income and Wealth PRINCETON UNIVERSITY PRESS
1958339 Macroeconomía
[F 339.535118 H174] A framework for studying monetary non-neutrality NBER. Working Paper Series N° 3145 Hall, Robert E. NATIONAL BUREAU OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH
1989339 Macroeconomía
[F 39.5 J42] A general hypothesis of employment, inflation and politics : Sixth Wincott Memorial Lecture delivered at St. John's, Smith Square, Westminster on 4 December, 1975 Employment, inflation, and politics IEA Ocassional Paper N° 46 Jay, Peter INSTITUTE OF ECONOMICS AFFAIRS
1976339 Macroeconomía
[339.5 H324] A general theory of equilibrium selection in games Harsanyi, John THE MIT PRESS
1992339 Macroeconomía
[B.M. 339.42072 G877] A guide to living standards measurement study surveys and their data sets LSMS Working Papers N° 120 Grosh, Margaret E. WORLD BANK
1995339 Macroeconomía
[339 M174R] A macroeconomics reader ROUTLEDGE
1997339 Macroeconomía
[339.46 D.151F] A Marxian-Malthusian view of poverty and development Daly, Herman E. YALE UNIVERSITY. ECONOMIC GROWTH CENTER
1971339 Macroeconomía
[339.3 Sn61] A modern guide to macroeconomics an introduction to competing schools of thought Snowdon, Brian Vane, Howard Wynarczyk, Peter EDWARD ELGAR
1994339 Macroeconomía
[F 339 T823] A modest proposal for international nominal targeting (INT) NBER Working Paper Series N° 2849 Frankel, Jeffrey NATIONAL BUREAU OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH
1989339 Macroeconomía
[F 339.2095 K95] A national accounting framework for developing countries : Asian perspective and experiences Kurabayashi, Yoshimasa UNIVERSITY
1977339 Macroeconomía
[339.0151 F961] A neo-keynesian theory on income, prices and economic growth Economic research series ; 15 Fujino, Shozaburo KINOKUNIYA BOOKSTORE
1975339 Macroeconomía
[339.47 N532] A new international commodity regime CROOM HELM
1979339 Macroeconomía

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