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382 Comercio exterior
1 mono_p.gif [F 382.6098 S471] 2' Seminario Latinoamericano de Promoción de Exportaciones Dieterich, Heinz BANCO CENTRAL DE VENEZUELA 1976
2 mono_p.gif [F 382.9142 C574] 5 años de Mercado Común INSTITUTO DE DIRECTORES DE EMPRESAS 1964
3 mono_p.gif [F 382.9143 E77] 90 millones de europeos España. Banco Exterior NUEVAS GRÁFICAS 1959]
4 mono_p.gif [382.09173017 L434] A Canada-U.S. fre trade arrangement : survey of possible characteristics Lea, Sperry CANADIAN AMERICAN COMMITTEE 1963.
5 mono_p.gif [R 382.914203 P239F] A dictionary of the european communities Parker, Geoffrey BUTTERWORTH [1981]
6 mono_p.gif [382.025 U84] A directory of foreign organizations for trade and investment promotion Estados Unidos. Bureau of Foreign Commerce [S.N.] 1961]
7 mono_p.gif [382.42 M963] A discourse of trade, from England unto the East Indies 1961 Mun, Thomas FACSIMILE TEXT SOCIETY 1930.
8 mono_p.gif [382.9141 T974] A framework for development : the EEC and the ACP Twitchett, Carol Cosgrove. GEORGE ALLAN & UNWIN [1981]
9 mono_p.gif [BM F 382.63095 R469] A framework for export policy and administration. : lessons from the East Asian experience Industry and finance series - v. 10 Rhee, Yung Whee WORLD BANK 1984.
10 mono_p.gif [382.1 G778] A generalized theory of international trade Gray, H. Peter HOLMES AND MEIER PUBLISHER [1976]
11 mono_p.gif [382 K91G] A geometric approach to international trade Halsted Press Book Krauss, Melvyn B. JOHN WILEY & SONS [1978]
12 mono_p.gif [382 M481] A geometry of international trade Meade, James Edward ALLEN & ENWIN [1952]
13 mono_p.gif [382.0944 H149] A history of French commercial policies Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Commercial and tariff history Haight, Frank Arnold MACMILLAN 1941.
14 mono_p.gif [382.0151 S187] A new model of world trade OCDE. Economics Outlook. Occasional Studies Samuelson, Lee OCDE 1973.
15 mono_p.gif [F 382.91 A189N] A new proposal for the reduction of customs tariffs Acuerdo General sobre Aranceles Aduaneros y Comercio. [S.N.] 1954.
16 mono_p.gif [F 382.971073 C212] A new trade strategy for Canada and the United States Canadian-American Committee PRIVATE PLANNING ASSOCIATION OF CANADA ; WASHINGTON, NATIONAL PLANNING ASSOCIATION (U.S.A.) 1966]
17 mono_p.gif [F 382.0151 B534] A note on the capacity to transform and the welfare costs of foreign trade fluctuations Yale. University. Economic Growth Center. Center paper - 144 Berry, R. Albert YALE UNIVERSITY. ECONOMIC GROWTH CENTER 1970.
18 mono_p.gif [382.0971073 C212] A possible plan for a Canada-U.S. free trade area : a staff report Canadian-American Committee [S.N.] 1965]
19 mono_p.gif [382.3 P397] A primer on international trade Pen, Jan RANDON HOUSE 1967.
20 mono_p.gif [F 382.17 M539] A quantitative examination of current account dynamics in equilibrium models of barter economies IMF Working Papers Mendoza, Enrique G. INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND 1992

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