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2 mono_p.gif [F 333.914 P228] A survey of United Sates and total world production, proved reserves and remaining recoverable resources of fossil fuels and uranium as of december 31, 1975 Parent, Joseph D. INSTITUTE OF GAS TECHNOLOGY 1977
3 mono_p.gif [333.914 C748] American energy choices before the year 2000 Bergman, Elihu INSTITUTO DE INVESTIGACIONES ECONÓMICAS Y SOCIALES, UNIVERSIDAD CATÓLICA ANDRÉS BELLO 1979
4 mono_p.gif [665.5065 R988] An analysis of petroleum company in vestments in non-petroleum anergy sources Ryan, Paul. ENERGY INFORMATION ADMINISTRATION 1978-79.
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6 mono_p.gif [333.8 E56 T] Energy : The next twenty years :report by a study group sponsored by the Ford Foundation and administered by Resources for the Future [1979]
7 mono_p.gif [333.914 A425] Energy and economic growth in the United States Allen, Edward Lawrence [1979]
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9 mono_p.gif [333.8 E56 F] Energy future : report of the energy project at the harvard business scholl. editores Harvard University. Grafuate School of Business Administration RANDON HOUSE [1979]
10 mono_p.gif [333.8 N277 E] Energy in America's future : the choices before US National Energy Statistics Project. JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY PRESS [1979]
11 mono_p.gif [338.272 R434] Energy in the american economy, 1850-1975 : an economic study of its history and prospects J. HOPKINS PRESS [1960]
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14 mono_p.gif [333.914 E56S] Energy strategies : toward a solar future :a report of the Union of Concerned Scientists, ed. by H.W. Kendal and S. J. Nadis. Kendal, Henry Way [1980]
15 mono_p.gif [333.914 E56] Energy supply and government policy [1976]
16 mono_p.gif [333.914 E56EN] Energy, economic growth, and the evironmet : papers presented at a Forum conducted by Resources for the Future. Inc. in Washington, D. C., 20-21 april 1971. Schurr, Sam H. JOHN HOPKINS PRESS [1973]
17 mono_p.gif [333.914 O94] Outlook for energy in the United States to 1985 CHASE MANHATTAN BANK [1972]
18 mono_p.gif [333.914 W769] Outlook for energy in the United States to 1985 Winger, John G. CHASE MANHATTAN BANK [1968]
19 mono_p.gif [333.914 R433] Reports on proved Reserves of crude oil, natural gas liquids and natural gas in the United States and Canada. API/AGA/CPA 19--
20 mono_p.gif [333.914 H876] U.S. Energy resources, a review as of 1972 : a background paper [by] H,M. Jackson, chairman, Committee onInterior and Insular Affairs, United States Senate, persuant to S. Res. 45, a national fuels and energy policy study Hubbert, Marion King, U.S. GOVERMENT PRINTING OFFICE 1974.

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