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1 mono_p.gif [339.46 D.151F] A Marxian-Malthusian view of poverty and development Daly, Herman E. YALE UNIVERSITY. ECONOMIC GROWTH CENTER 1971.
2 mono_p.gif [362.509596 P929 B.M.] A poverty profile of Cambodia World Bank discussion papers - N' 373 Prescott, Nicholas WORLD BANK 1997
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12 mono_p.gif [BM 339.4609172422 A532] Analyzing the distributional impact of reforms A practitioner´s guide to trade, monetary and exchange rate policy, utility provision, agricultural markets, land policy, and education. Bazdresch P., Carlos THE WORLD BANK c2005.
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17 mono_p.gif [BM 339.4609679 F791] Beating the odds Sustaining inclusion in Mozambique's growing economy Fox, Louise THE WORLD BANK 2008.
18 mono_p.gif [BM 302.4095843 K958] Better a hundred friends than a hundred rubles? : social networks in transition--the Kyrgyz Republic World Bank Working Paper N° 39 Kuehnast, Kathleen R. WORLD BANK 2004
19 mono_p.gif [BM 363.5561091724 B573] Beyond the numbers Understanding the institutions for monitoring poverty reduction strategies Bedi, Tara THE WORLD BANK c2006.
20 mono_p.gif [BM F 339.46 R252] Can high-inequality developing countries escape absolute poverty? WB Research Working Paper N° 1775 Ravallion, Martin WORLD BANK 1997

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