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Política monetaria
1 mono_p.gif [332.49498 ON58] 130 years since the establishment of the modern Romanian monetary system ENCICLOPEDICA 1997
2 mono_p.gif [F 332.460952 N277] 2002 Japan Conference : a summary of the papers National Bureau of Economic Research NATIONAL BUREAU OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH 2002
3 mono_p.gif [332.110942 B694] A banker's world : the revival of the city 1957-1970 Bolton, George Lewis French, HUTCHINSON 1970.
4 mono_p.gif [F 339.53 H155] A comment on William Pool'es paper "Exchange rate management and monetary policy mismanagement : a study of Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, and United States After Plaza" Research Working Paper N° 91-03 Hakkio, Craig S. FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF KANSAS CITY 1991
5 mono_p.gif [332.4 F B741] A discussion on methode of monetary analysis and norms for monetary policy Bos , Hendricus Cornelius INSTITUTO DE INVESTIGACIONES ECONÓMICAS Y SOCIALES, UNIVERSIDAD CATÓLICA ANDRÉS BELLO 1956
6 mono_p.gif [F 332.11 B741] A discussion on methods of monetary analysis and norms for monetary policy Bos, Hendricus Cornelis ROTTERDAM UNIVERSITY PRESS 1965 Rev. ed.
7 mono_p.gif [F 332.4509155 B395] A dynamic macro model for the pre-and postrevolution Islamic Republic of Iran IMF Working Papers N° 99/82 Becker, Torbjorn FMI 1999
8 mono_p.gif [F 339.535118 H174] A framework for studying monetary non-neutrality NBER. Working Paper Series N° 3145 Hall, Robert E. NATIONAL BUREAU OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH 1989.
9 mono_p.gif [332.401 A111] A handbook of alternative monetary economics EDWARD ELGAR 2006.
10 mono_p.gif [339 M174R] A macroeconomics reader ROUTLEDGE 1997
11 mono_p.gif [332.110954 M685] A new horizon in central banking Mittra, Sid, ASIA PUBL. HOUSE [1967]
12 mono_p.gif [F 332.15 M158] A new tripartite monetary agreement or a limping dollar standard? Essay in international Finance ; 106 McKinnon, Ronald I. PRINCETON UNIVERSITY PRESS 1974.
13 mono_p.gif [F 332.11 B531] A practical international monetary policy Bernstein, Edward Morris 1944
14 mono_p.gif [F 332.109494 S778] A propos de l'organisation et de la structure de la Société de Banque Suisse Cahier SBS - 7 La place financiere suisse et la crise monétaire internationale. Staehelin, Max SOCIÉTÉ DE BANQUE SUISSE 1975.
15 mono_p.gif [332.042 R438] A retrospective on the Bretton Woods system : lessons for international monetary reform Bretton Woods System National Bureau of Economic Research UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 1993
16 mono_p.gif [F 338.526 M122] A semi-classical model of price level adjustment NBER Working Paper Series N° 4706 McCallum, Bennett T. NATIONAL BUREAU OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH 1994
17 mono_p.gif [F 332.46 O113] A simple binomial no-arbitrage model of the term structure : with applications to the valuation of interest-sensitive options and interest-rate swaps Monograph series in finance and economics - 4 O´Brien, Thomas J. NEW YORK UNIVERSITY SALOMON CENTER 1991
18 mono_p.gif [F 339.42 B187] A sticky-price manifesto NBER Working Paper Series N° 4677 Ball, Laurence NATIONAL BUREAU OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH 1994
19 mono_p.gif [332.41 L742] A study in monetary analysis Stockholm economic studies - 3 Lindbeck, Assar. ALMQUIST AND WICKSELL [1963]
20 mono_p.gif [339.015118 H76] A study in monetary macroeconomics Homburg, Stefan OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS 2017

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