Editorial: HARPER AND BROTHERS (Comienzo)
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1 mono_p.gif [334 L257] A cooperative economy : a study of democratic economic movements Landis, Benson Young, HARPER AND BROTHERS [1943]
2 mono_p.gif [330.1 Ch443] A general theory of economic process Chamberlain, Neil W. HARPER AND BROTHERS [1955]
3 mono_p.gif [330.1 Ch455] A preface of economics Chandler, Lester Vernon, HARPER AND BROTHERS [1947]
4 mono_p.gif [332.67 E27] ABC of investing Effinger, Robert Craig, HARPER AND BROTHERS 1947.
5 mono_p.gif [330.73 F263] American economic history Faulkner, Harold Underwood HARPER AND BROTHERS [1943] 5a. ed.
6 mono_p.gif [331.88 P485] American labor unios : what they are and how they works Peterson, Florence. HARPER AND BROTHERS [1945]
7 mono_p.gif [325.260973 M998] An american dilema : the negro problem and modern democracy Myrdal, Karl Gunnar HARPER AND BROTHERS 1944.
8 mono_p.gif [330.9 G767] An introduction to economic history Harper's historical series Gras, Norman Scott Brien, HARPER AND BROTHERS 1922.
9 mono_p.gif [332.401 Ch455* 0001] An introduction to monetary theory Selected supplementary readings: p. 206-214 Chandler, Lester Vernon, HARPER AND BROTHERS [1940]
10 mono_p.gif [956 R781] Arabs, oil and history : the story of the Middle East Roosevelt, Kermit. HARPER AND BROTHERS [1949]
11 mono_p.gif [332.1 W734] Banking and business Willis, Henry Parker, HARPER AND BROTHERS [1925] Rev. and enlarged ed.
12 mono_p.gif [658.15 W187] Basic financial statement analysis Wall, Alexander, HARPER AND BROTHERS 1942.
13 mono_p.gif [658 H758] Big business methods for the small business Holtzman, Robert S., HARPER AND BROTHERS 1952
14 mono_p.gif [309153 C772] Challenge and reponse in the Middle East : the quest for prosperty, 1919-1951 Cooke, Hedley V. HARPER AND BROTHERS [1952]
15 mono_p.gif [136.496 K65] Characteristics of the american negro Klineberg, Otto. HARPER AND BROTHERS [1944]
16 mono_p.gif [332.64 B141] Commodity exchanges and futures trading: principles and operating methods Baer, Julius Bertrand, HARPER AND BROTHERS [1949]
17 mono_p.gif [330.15 L886] Comparative economic systems : capitalism, socialism, communism, fascism, cooperation Loucks, William Negele, HARPER AND BROTHERS [1943]
18 mono_p.gif [336.24 F533] Constructive income taxation : a proposal for reform Fisher, Irving HARPER AND BROTHERS 1942.
19 mono_p.gif [330.109 H763] Contemporary economic thought Homan, Paul Thomas. HARPER AND BROTHERS [1928]
20 mono_p.gif [658.1 B973] Corporation finance, revised edition Burtchett, Floyd Franklin, HARPER AND BROTHERS [1948]

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