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1 mono_p.gif [339.53 A244] Advances in monetary policy and macroeconomics Arestis , Philip PALGRAVE MACMILLAN 2007
2 mono_p.gif [330.95 B623] Asian Megatrends Biswas, Rajiv PALGRAVE MACMILLAN 2016
3 mono_p.gif [332.10947 W77] Banking and monetary policy in Eastern Europe the first ten years Winkler, Adalbert PALGRAVE MACMILLAN 2002
4 mono_p.gif [332.10951 C867] Banking in China Cousin , Violaine PALGRAVE MACMILLAN 2011 2 nd ed.
5 mono_p.gif [330.1 G42] Behavioral economics moving forward Ghisellini, Fabrizio PALGRAVE MACMILLAN 2018
6 mono_p.gif [327.12 A517] Beyond us hegemony? Assessing the prospects for a multipolar world Amin, Samir PALGRAVE MACMILLAN 2006.
7 mono_p.gif [332.11091724 T88] Building credible central banks policy lessons for emerging economies Tshiani, Noël K PALGRAVE MACMILLAN 2008
8 mono_p.gif [332.11 M94] Central banks and coded language risks and benefits Muchlinski, Elke PALGRAVE MACMILLAN 2011
9 mono_p.gif [658.403 S628] Decision making A behavioral economic approach Skorepa, Michal PALGRAVE MACMILLAN 2011
10 mono_p.gif [330.015195 G969] Econometrics by example Gujarati, Damodar PALGRAVE MACMILLAN 2011
11 mono_p.gif [338 F437] Economic growth with equity Challenges for Latin America Ffrench-Davis, Ricardo PALGRAVE MACMILLAN 2007
12 mono_p.gif [341.582 K39] Economic sanctions law and public policy Kern, Alexander PALGRAVE MACMILLAN 2009
13 mono_p.gif [327.117 A59] Economic sanctions vs. soft power lessons from North Korea, Myanmar, and the Middle East Anguelov, Nikolay PALGRAVE MACMILLAN 2015
14 mono_p.gif [338.6042 V63] Economics of clusters: a brief history of cluster theories and policy Vicente, Jérome PALGRAVE MACMILLAN 2018
15 mono_p.gif [174.4 R46] Ethics in investment banking Reynolds, John N. PALGRAVE MACMILLAN 2011
16 mono_p.gif [332.673 E46] Financial globalization and democracy in emerging markets Elliot Armijo, Leslie PALGRAVE MACMILLAN 1999
17 mono_p.gif [332 L74] Financial systems, markets and institutional changes Lindblom, Ted Willesson, Magnus Sjögren, Stefan PALGRAVE MACMILLAN 2014
18 mono_p.gif [336.4.496 F52] Fiscal decentralisation, local government and policy reversals in Southeastern Europe Bartlett, Will PALGRAVE MACMILLAN 2018
19 mono_p.gif [339.52091724 A225] Fiscal policy for development PALGRAVE MACMILLAN 2004.
20 mono_p.gif [337.8 M51] Free trade agreements and globalisation in the shadow of Brexit and Trump Melchior, Arne PALGRAVE MACMILLAN 2018

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