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1 mono_p.gif [016.33098 J79] A bibliography on South American economic affairs : articles in nineteenth century periodicals South American economic affairs. Jones, Tom Bard, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA [1955]
2 mono_p.gif [33.7 S177] A critical review of research in land economics Salter, Leonard Austin, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA [1948]
3 mono_p.gif [368 H249] A new plan for unemployment reserves, based on Minnesota employment data Hansen, Alvin Hervey, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA 1933
4 mono_p.gif [368 H249] A new plan for unemployment reserves, nbased on Minnesota employment data Hansen, Alvin Harvey, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA 1933.
5 mono_p.gif [331.25444097 H249] A program for unemployment insurence and relief in the United States Hansen, Alvin Harvey UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA 1934
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10 mono_p.gif [332.67342098 R.593] British investments in Latin America, 1822-1949 : a case study in the operations of private enterprise in retarded regions Rippy, James Fre, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA [1979]
11 mono_p.gif [664.7065 G779] Business without : the story of General Mills Gray, James, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA [1954]
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17 mono_p.gif [330.952 C678] Japan's economy in war and reconstruction Cohen, Jerome Bernard, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA 1949.
18 mono_p.gif [519.9 J68] Modern sampling methods : theory, experimentation, application Johnson, Palmer Oliver, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA [1959]
19 mono_p.gif [658.3128 W285] Occupational mobility in America business and industry, 1928-1952 Warner, William Lloyd, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA [1955]
20 mono_p.gif [335.5 L274N] On the economic theory of socialism Lange, Oscar Richard, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA PRESS 1952.

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