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1 mono_p.gif [385 H2370] A congressional history of railwais in the United States, 1850-1887 Economics and political Science. Series - 342 Haney, Lewis Henry, 1910.
2 mono_p.gif [385 H237] A congressional history of railways in the United States to 1850 Economics and political Science. Series - 211 Haney, Lewis Henry 1908
3 mono_p.gif [385 H237C] A congressional history of railways in the United States, 1850-1887 Economics and political Science. Series - 342 Haney, Lewis Henry, UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN PRESS 1910.
4 mono_p.gif [333.7072 S177] A critical review of research in land economics Salter, Leonard Austin UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN PRESS 1967
5 mono_p.gif [336.73 L331] A financial and administrative history of Milwaukee Economics and political Science. Series - 242 Larson, Laurence Marcellus UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN PRESS 1908
6 mono_p.gif [332.45 Y22] A multiple exchange rate system : an appraisal of Thailand's experience, 1946-1955 Yang, Shu-chin. UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN PRESS 1957.
7 mono_p.gif [F 333.32098 B268] Agrarian structure in seven Latin American countries Land Tenure Center. Reprints - 25 Barraclough, Solon UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN PRESS 1966.
8 mono_p.gif [338.1 S175] Agricultural discontent in the Middle West : 1900-1939 Saloutos, Theodore. UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN PRESS [1951]
9 mono_p.gif [336.340973 S446] An economic analysis of the constitutional restrictions upon public indebtedness in the United States Economics and political Science. Series - 637 Secrist, Horace, 1914.
10 mono_p.gif [F 332.7 H423] Bank credit for business : a review of the methods employed by bankers in passing on business loan applications Wisconsin Commerce Reports - 2923 Hayne, Donald Francis UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN PRESS 1949
11 mono_p.gif [650.4 K59] Business in the gilded age : the conservatives balance sheet Knapp lectures Kirkland, Edward Chase, UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN PRESS 1952.
12 mono_p.gif [338.52 H249] Cycles of prosperity and depression in the United States, Great Britain and Germany : a study of monthly data 1902-1908 Studies in the Social Sciences and History - 5 Hansen, Alvin Harvey, 1921
13 mono_p.gif [339.20947 M117] Economic welfare in the Soviet Union : poverty, living standards, and inequuality McAuley, Alastair, UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN PRESS [1979]
14 mono_p.gif [F 630.715086 F324] Fitting agricultural extension to the development needs of Colombia Felstehausen, Herman UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN PRESS 1968
15 mono_p.gif [338.95 F714] Foreing trade and investment : economic development in the newly industrializing Asian countries 1985.
16 mono_p.gif [342.7283 S874] Honduras : an area study in government Stokes, William Sylvane. 1950.
17 mono_p.gif [33622 M891] Housing taxation Morton, Walter Albert, UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN PRESS 1955.
18 mono_p.gif [336.262 T244] Industrial tax-exemption in Puerto Rico : a case study in the use of tax subsidies for industrial izing ubderdeveloped areas Taylor, Milton C. 1957.
19 mono_p.gif [338.886 S578] Multinationals in Latin America : the politics of nationalization Twentieth Century Fund Study Sigmund, Paul E. [1980]
20 mono_p.gif [338.91 C978] Prelude to point four : American technical missions overseas, 1838-1938 Curti, Merle Eugene, 1954.

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