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1 mono_p.gif [330.942 C862] A concise economic history of Britain : from 1750 to recent times Court, William Henry Bassano. UNIVERSITY PRESS 1954.
2 mono_p.gif [330.942 C588] A concise economic history of Britain : from the earliest times to 1750 Clapham, John Harold, UNIVERSITY PRESS 1949.
3 mono_p.gif [330.942 C737] A discourse of the common weal of this realm of England : First printed in 1581 and commonly attributed to W. S. A Compendious on brief examination. UNIVERSITY PRESS 1929.
4 mono_p.gif [332.4 S391] A general equilibrium study of the monetary mechanism University of Florida. Social sciences monograph - n 51 Schulze, David L. 1974
5 mono_p.gif [330.968 K47] A history of South Africa : social & economic Kiewiet, Cornelis Willem de, UNIVERSITY PRESS [1957]
6 mono_p.gif [330.15 S524] A scheme of economic theory Shackle, George Lennox Sharman. UNIVERSITY PRESS 1965.
7 mono_p.gif [942 W912] A short history of the expansion of the British Empire 1500-1930 Woodward, William Harrison, UNIVERSITY PRESS 1946.
8 mono_p.gif [659.132 K14] A statistical analisys of advertising expenditure and the revenue of the press National Institute of Economic and Social Research. Economic and social studies - 8 Kaldor, Nicholas, UNIVERSITY PRESS 1948.
9 mono_p.gif [330.942 M441] A study in trade-cycle history : economic fluctuations in Grean Britain , 1833-1842 Matthews, Robert Charles Oliver. UNIVERSITY PRESS 1954.
10 mono_p.gif [382.50942 S428] A study of United Kingdom imports Scott, Maurice FitzGerald UNIVERSITY PRESS 1963.
11 mono_p.gif [F 339 D434] A system of national book-keeping, illustrated by the experience of the Netherlands economy National Institute of Economic and Social Research. Occasional papers - X Derksen, J. B. D. UNIVERSITY PRESS 1946.
12 mono_p.gif [339 L146] A theory of economic growth Dynamics and policy in overlapping generations La Croix, David de UNIVERSITY PRESS 2002.
13 mono_p.gif [382.41096 I61] African primary products & international trade : papers delivered at an international seminar in the University of Edinburgh, September 1964 UNIVERSITY PRESS [1965]
14 mono_p.gif [330.0151 G977] Aggregation in economics: a theorical and empirical study Gupta, Kanhaya Lal. UNIVERSITY PRESS 1969
15 mono_p.gif [338.40973 K72] American business enterprises : a study in industrial organisation : a report to the electors of the results of a tour in the United States in 1906-07 Publications. University of Manchester. Economic series - v. n' 5 Knoop, Douglas, 1907.
16 mono_p.gif [F 192.4 H921] An abstract of a treatise of human nature, 1740, a pamphlet hitherto unknown Hume, David UNIVERSITY PRESS 1938.
17 mono_p.gif [330.944 S528] An economic history of Australia Shann, Edward Owen Giblin, UNIVERSITY PRESS 1948.
18 mono_p.gif [330 S524A] An economic querist Shackle, George Lennox Sharman UNIVERSITY PRESS 1973.
19 mono_p.gif [901 C973* 0002] An essay on Western civilisation in its economic aspects : mediaeval and modern times Cambridge historical series Cunningham, William, UNIVERSITY PRESS 1923.
20 mono_p.gif [901 C973] An essay on western civilization in its economic aspects (ancient times) Cambridge historical series Cunningham, William, UNIVERSITY PRESS 1924.

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