Palabra: 519 Probabilidades y matemáticas aplicadas (Palabras)
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1 mono_p.gif [519.5 C392] A celebration of statistics : the ISI centenary volume SPRINGEN VERLAG 1985.
2 mono_p.gif [F 519.232 C592] A comparison of two approaches to measuring common and idiosyncratic components in sets of time series variables Research working paper ; 94-04 Clark, Todd E. FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF KANSAS CITY 1994
3 mono_p.gif [519.5076 F352] A Course in large sample theory Texts in statistical science. Ferguson, Thomas S. CHAPMAN AND HALL 1996 1a. ed.
4 mono_p.gif [519 J54] A distribution model, applicable to economics Jensen, Arne, 1954.
5 mono_p.gif [519.3 S562] A game-theorectic approach to political economy : volume 2 of game theory in the social sciences Shubik, Martin 1984
6 mono_p.gif [519 L314] A philosophical essay on probabilities Laplace, Pierre Simon, marquis de, DOVER [1951]
7 mono_p.gif [519 W852] A study in the analysis of stationery time series Wold, Herman, ALMQUIST AND WICKSELL [1954] 2 ed.
8 mono_p.gif [F 519.55 J89] A time-series analisys of unemployment and health : the case of birth outcones in New York City NBER Working Paper Series N° 2834 Joyce, Theodore J. NATIONAL BUREAU OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH 1988
9 mono_p.gif [519.1 K44] A treatise on probability Keynes, John Maynard MACMILLAN 1948.
10 mono_p.gif [519.502433 A244] Advanced statistical methods in economics HOLT RINEHART AND WINSTON 1986.
11 mono_p.gif [519.3 D39] Algorithmic game theory 11th International Symposium, SAGT 2018 Beijing, China, September 11-14 Xiaotie Deng SPRINGER 2018
12 mono_p.gif [519.93 G112] Algunos conceptos de muestreo Cuadernos del Instituto. Estadística - 1 Gabaldón Mejía, Nestor. UCV 1980. 3a. ed.
13 mono_p.gif [519.93 G112F] Algunos conceptos de muestreo Cuadernos del Instituto. Serie Estadística - 1 Gabaldón Mejía, Néstor. INSTITUTO DE INVESTIGACIONES ECONÓMICAS Y SOCIALES 1969.
14 mono_p.gif [519.92 C778] An introducction to linear programming Cooper, William Wager, WILEY [1953]
15 mono_p.gif [519.92 G559] An introduction to linear programming and the theory of games Lectures. Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn Glicksman, Abraham M. WILEY [1963]
16 mono_p.gif [519.9 B894] An introduction to mathematical statistics Blaisdell book in the pure and applied sciences Brunk, H. D. BLAISDELL PUB. CO. [1965] 2a. ed.
17 mono_p.gif [519 F318] An introduction to probability theory and its applications Wiley publications in mathematical statistics Feller, William, WILEY [1957- 2a. ed.
18 mono_p.gif [519 F318* 0001] An introduction to probability theory and its applications Wiley publications in mathematical statistics Feller, William, WILEY 1950-
19 mono_p.gif [519.5028522 B347] An introduction to stata programing Baum, Christopher F. STATA PRESS PUBLICATION c2009.
20 mono_p.gif [519.5 T458 1983] An introduction to statistical analysis for economists London School of Economics handbooks in economic analysis Thomas, James J. WEIDENFELD AND NICHOLSON 1983. 2a. ed.

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