Palabra: CUESTIÓN MONETARIA (Palabras)
1357 registros cumplieron con la condición especificada
1 mono_p.gif [332.1 F533] 100% money : designed to keep cheking banks 100% liquid :to prevent inflation and deflation : largely to cure or prevent depressions : and to wipe out much of the national debt Fisher, Irving ADELPHI [1935]
2 mono_p.gif [F 332.4 C344] 3 memorandum on the world's monetary problems International Financial Conference. Bruseels. Paper No. 13 Cassel, Karl Gustav HARRISON AND SONS [entre 1910 y 1920]
3 mono_p.gif [330 B471] A breed of barren metal or currency and interest : a study of social and industrial problems Bennett, J. KERR [1895]
4 mono_p.gif [332.110942 H399] A century of bank rate Hawtrey, Ralph George LONGAMAN, GREEN AND CO. [1938]
5 mono_p.gif [LR 332.40942 A358] A colloquy on currency Aldenham, Henry Hucks Gibbs, baron, WILSON 1894
6 mono_p.gif [LR 332.10942 F745] A concise and authentic history of the Bank of England : with dissertations on metals & coin, bank notes and bills of exchange, to which is added, their charter Fortune, Thomas 1802
7 mono_p.gif [332.401 S555] A contribution to the theoretical study of monetary inequilibrium and economic growth Economic series - 28 Shibata, Kei SCIENCE COUNCIL OF JAPAN 1962
8 mono_p.gif [332.40942 E26] A critical study of gold reserves and the monetary standard, with special reference to the position of the Bank of England and an cutline of a proposed monetary system for the British commonwealth of nations Edwards, Douglas Stewart. P.S. KING AND SON 1933.
9 mono_p.gif [F 332.45 H394C] A critical survey of plans for international monetary reform New York University. C.J. Devine Institute of Finance. Bulletin - 36 Hawkins, Robert G. NEW YORK UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 1965
10 mono_p.gif [332.422 P994] A critique of the gold standard Puxley, H. L. GEORGE ALLAN & UNWIN 1933.
11 mono_p.gif [LR F 332.4 B859] A discourse on the late funds of the million-act, Iottery-sot, and Bank of England...Humbly offered and submitted to the considerations of the lords spiritual and temporal, and commons in Parliament assembled Briscoe, John [S.N.] 1694
12 mono_p.gif [330.16 H822] A dynamic capitalism : the philosophy of incentive taxation and incentivism Hazelett, Clarence William, HARPER [1943]
13 mono_p.gif [LR 332.4 S956] A history of American currency : with chapters on the English Bank restriction and Autrian paper money Summer, William Graham HENRY HOLT 1884
14 mono_p.gif [332.40973 H529] A history of curreny in the United States : with a brief description of the currency systems of all commercial nations Hepburn, Alonzo Barton, MACMILLAN 1915.
15 mono_p.gif [338.52 T669] A history of prices and of the state of the circulation from 1792 to 1856 Tooke, Thomas, ADELPHI [s.a.]
16 mono_p.gif [F 332.4 M875] A letter balancing the causes of the present scarcity of our silver coin : and the means of immediate remedy and future prevention of this evil : Addressed to the Right Honorable the Earl of Powis Morris, Corbyn [S.N.] 1757
17 mono_p.gif [F 332.4 C778] A letter on the currency Cooper, Peter [S.N.] 1875]
18 mono_p.gif [LR 332.10942 B789] A letter to the Right Honourable William Pitt, on the influence of the stoppage of issues in specie at the Bank of England : on the prices of provisions, and other comodities Boyd, Walter WRIGHT 1801
19 mono_p.gif [F 332.40973 H412] A model of fiat money and barter NBER Working Paper Series N° 4919 Hayashi, Fumio NATIONAL BUREAU OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH 1994
20 mono_p.gif [332.4973 F911] A monetary history of the United States 1867-1960 National Bureau of Economic Research. Studies in business cycles ; 12 Friedman, Milton , PRINCETON UNIVERSITY PRESS 1963.

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