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1 mono_p.gif [F 338.91072 H249] A "new international economic order"? An outlins for a constructive U.S. response ODC. Development paper - 19 Hanson, Roger D. OVERSEAS DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL 1975.
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7 mono_p.gif [355 S799] A program for the nonmilitary defense of the United States : a statement on national policy by the NPA Special Committee on nonmilitary defense and the present status of nonmilitary defense and the present status of planning Planning pamphlet - N' 92 Stead, William Henry, 19 cm.
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19 mono_p.gif [R 332.49 M88] All the money in the world The art and history of paper money and coins from antiquity to the 21st century Mudd, Douglas HARPER COLLINS 2006
20 mono_p.gif [330.942 D412] America conquers Britain : a record of economic war Denny, Ludwell. A. KNOPF 1930.

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