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1 mono_p.gif [332.49498 ON58] 130 years since the establishment of the modern Romanian monetary system ENCICLOPEDICA 1997
2 mono_p.gif [F 332.4973 U84Mi] 1967-a year of constraints on monetary management Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Reprint series N° 28 Reprint series. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis N° 28 U.S.A.Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis FEDERAL RESERVE BANK 1968
3 mono_p.gif [F 332.469866 P116] 1989 : Una etapa decisiva Temas económicos - 4 Pachano Bertero, Abelardo BANCO CENTRAL DEL ECUADOR 1990
4 mono_p.gif [331.0987 S586D] 2 años en el Ministerio del Trabajo, 1965-1966 Silva Torres, Hens MINISTERIO DEL TRABAJO 1967
5 mono_p.gif [330.122 C456] 23 cosas que no cuentan sobre el capitalismo 23 things they don’t tell you about capitalism Chang, Ha-Joon DEBATE 2012
6 mono_p.gif [F 332. B213] 25 años Banco La Guaira Internacional : una visión de la economía venezolana Banco La Guaira Internacional BANCO LA GUAIRA INTERNACIONAL [1980?]
7 mono_p.gif [R 332.1109599 B22] 50 years of central benking in the Philippines Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas 1998
8 mono_p.gif [338.987009049 F224] 6 propuestas para rehacer Venezuela Faría, Hugo J. EDITORIAL PANAPO 1999
9 mono_p.gif [332.152 M653] 60 preguntas respuestas sobre la deuda, el FMI y el Banco Mundial Sobre la deuda, el FMI y el Banco Mundial Millet, Damien CENTRO INTERNACIONAL MIRANDA 2010?
10 mono_p.gif [330.42 A512] A balanced economy Amery, Leopold Charles Maurice Stennett HUTCHINSON 1946.
11 mono_p.gif [332.110942 B694] A banker's world : the revival of the city 1957-1970 Bolton, George Lewis French, HUTCHINSON 1970.
12 mono_p.gif [F 330.9519 A266] A case of successful adjustmen : korea's experience during 1980-84 IMF Occasional paper N° 39 Aghevli, Bijan B. INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND 1985
13 mono_p.gif [330.1 M392a] A contribution to the critique of political economy Marx, Karl, CH. H. KERR 1911. 2a. ed by N.I. Stone.
14 mono_p.gif [330.1 B156] A critical dissertation on the nature, measures, and causes of value : chiefly in reference to the writings of Mr. Ricardo and his followers Series of reprints of scarce tracts in economic and political science ; - 7 Bailey, Samuel, LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS AND POLITICAL SCIENCE 1951]
15 mono_p.gif [330.973 O48] A critique of socioeconomic goals Indiana University Publications. Social Science Series - n' 12 Oliver, Henry Madison, 1954.
16 mono_p.gif [F 338.954 S214] A demostration planning model for India Indian Statistical Series - 7 Sandee, Jan ASIA PUBL. HOUSE 1960
17 mono_p.gif [330.03 M165] A dictionary of political economy : biographical bibliographical, historical and practical MacLeod, Henry Dunning, LONGMAN, BROWN, GREEN AND LONGMANS 1863.
18 mono_p.gif [330.07 M148] A discourse on the rise, progress, peculiar objects and importance, of political economy, containing an outline of a course of lectures on the principles and doctrines of that science McCulloch, John Ramsay CONSTABLE AND COMPANY LIMITED 1824.
19 mono_p.gif [332.83 W753] A discourse upon usury, by way of dialogue and orations, for the better variety and more delight of all those that shall read this treatise [1572] Classics of social and political science Wilson, Thomas HARCOURT BRACE [s.a.]
20 mono_p.gif [F 332.11 B741] A discussion on methods of monetary analysis and norms for monetary policy Bos, Hendricus Cornelis ROTTERDAM UNIVERSITY PRESS 1965 Rev. ed.

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