Palabra: INTERES-INGLATERRA (Palabras)
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1 mono_p.gif [332.110942 H399] A century of bank rate Hawtrey, Ralph George LONGAMAN, GREEN AND CO. [1938]
2 mono_p.gif [332.83 W753] A discourse upon usury, by way of dialogue and orations, for the better variety and more delight of all those that shall read this treatise [1572] Classics of social and political science Wilson, Thomas HARCOURT BRACE [s.a.]
3 mono_p.gif [332.83 W753] A discourse upon usury, by way of dialogue and orations, for the better variety and more delight of all those that shall read this treatise [1572] Wilson, Thomas AUGUSTUS M. KELLEY 1963.
4 mono_p.gif [332.82 H193] A study of British interest rates, 1929-50 Hallowell, Burton C. GENERAL LIFE INSURANCE 1950.
5 mono_p.gif [332.10942 M987] An attempt to explain from facts the effect of the issues of the Bank of England upon its own interests, public credit and country banks Mushet, Robert BALDWIN 1826.
6 mono_p.gif [332.1 P661] Bank rate the money market in England, France, Germany, Holland, and Begium, 1844-1900 Palgrave, Robert Harris Inglis, MURRAY 1903.
7 mono_p.gif [LR F 380 Ch536] Brief observations concerning trade and interest of money [Child, Josiah],1630-1699 CALVERT 1668
8 mono_p.gif [382 G973] British economic interests in the Far East Gull, Edward Manico INSTITUTE OF PACIFIC REALTIONS 1943.
9 mono_p.gif [F 336.2 B968] British Government securities, taxation of interest. Income tax... sur-tax, excess profits tax, national defence contribution, notes on conversion and redemption Burr, Gilbert Basil INSTITUTO DE INVESTIGACIONES ECONÓMICAS Y SOCIALES, UNIVERSIDAD CATÓLICA ANDRÉS BELLO 1943
10 mono_p.gif [F 332.6323 I.51] Funds reflows into the eurobond market from interest and principal repayments Inglaterra.Orion Bank H. MAJESTY´S STATIONARY OFFICE 1968
11 mono_p.gif [330.942 I19] Ideas : interests & consequences IEA Readings. Institute Economic Affairs. - v 30 INSTITUTE OF ECONOMICS AFFAIRS 1969.
12 mono_p.gif [332.820151 F699] Long and short-term interest rates : an econometric study Ford, James Lorne, BASIL BLACKWELL 1967.
13 mono_p.gif [332.80942 P146] Long-term and Short-term interest rates Paish, Frank Walter. A. M. KELLEY 1967.
14 mono_p.gif [332.410973 F911] Monetary trends in the United States and the United Kingdom, their relation to income, prices, and interest rates, 1867-1975 National Bureau of Economic Research. Monograph Friedman, Milton UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO [1982]
15 mono_p.gif [332.83 C889] Opinion on bank rate : 1822-60 Cramp, Alfred Bernard. LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS AND POLITICAL SCIENCE [1962]
16 mono_p.gif [330 F744 F] Samuel Fortrey on Englands interest and improvement, 1663. Fortrey, Samuel, 1907]
17 mono_p.gif [339.4 H297 F] Shoppers' choice; an essay in the political economy of obstruction by sectional interests to the repeal of the shops acts Occasional paper, 68 Harris, Ralph. INSTITUTE OF ECONOMIC AFFAIRS 1984.
18 mono_p.gif [LR F 332 E374] The English system of finance : or, the operation of the sinking fund, as it affects the value of funded property by the reduction of interest ; also the total change of our financial system, by the innovations made on the stability of the public fun CHAPPLE [1817?]
19 mono_p.gif [338.1 C136] The landed interest and the supply of food Caird, James, CASSELL PETTER [1878]
20 mono_p.gif [330.942 D247] Vested interests or common pool? Davenport, Nicholas Ernest Harold. VICTOR GOLLANCZ 1942.


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