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1 mono_p.gif [F 737.49 M742] 19 de abril de 1810 Banco Central de Venezuela BANCO CENTRAL DE VENEZUELA 2010
2 ObjetoPeq_SR0.gif 200 años. Monedas con historia
3 mono_p.gif [LR 332.40942 D737] A discourse concerning the currencies of the British plantations in America, &c American Economic Association. Economic studies - 5 Douglass, William MCMILLAN 1897
4 mono_p.gif [332.0942 D727] A financial, monetary and statistical history of England, from the revolution of 1688 to the present time : derived principally from official documents ; in seventeen letters addressed to the young men of Great Britain Doubleday, Thomas. EFFINGHAM WILSON 1847.
5 mono_p.gif [LR 332.4 S956] A history of American currency : with chapters on the English Bank restriction and Autrian paper money Summer, William Graham HENRY HOLT 1884
6 mono_p.gif [332.42209 V697] A history of and money : 1450-1920. Vilar, Pierre VERSO 1976
7 mono_p.gif [332.40973 H529] A history of curreny in the United States : with a brief description of the currency systems of all commercial nations Hepburn, Alonzo Barton, MACMILLAN 1915.
8 mono_p.gif [332.49 M848] A history of money Pelican books - A699 Morgan, Edward Victor, PENGUIN BOOKS 1965.
9 mono_p.gif [LR 332.409 D359] A history of money in ancient countries : from the earliest times to the present Del Mar, Alexander SCRIBNER, WELFORD AND ARMSTRONG 1885
10 mono_p.gif [332.409 D359] A history of the monetary sustems of England, Germany, France, and other European states : containing an account of their monetary and financial affairs, as drawn from their statutes, customs, treaties, mining regulations, jurisprudence, history, arc Del Mar, Alexander, CAMBRIDGE ENCYCLOPEDIA CO. 1903.
11 mono_p.gif [332.4973 F911] A monetary history of the United States 1867-1960 National Bureau of Economic Research. Studies in business cycles ; 12 Friedman, Milton , PRINCETON UNIVERSITY PRESS 1963.
12 mono_p.gif [332.40981 C165P] A pol'itica monet'aria do Brasil Brasiliana. Serie grande formato - 18 Cal'ogeras, Joao Pand'ia, COMPAÑÍA EDITORA NACIONAL [1960]
13 mono_p.gif [LR 332.53 S739] A resource of war, the credit of the government mad inmediately available : history of the legal tender paper money issued during the great rebellion, being a loan without interest and a national currency Spaulding, Elbridge Gerry 1869
14 mono_p.gif [LR 332.530973 G691] A short history of paper money and banking in the United States, : including an account of provincial and continental paper money ... Gouge, William M. T. W. USTICK 1833
15 mono_p.gif [332.40942 M161] A sketch of the history of the currency : comprising a brief review of the opinions of the most eminent writers on the subject Maclaren, James. GROOMBRIDGE AND SONS 1858.
16 mono_p.gif [LR 332.40942 T243] A view of the money system of England : from the conquest ; with proposals for establishing a secure and equable credit currency Taylor, James TAYLOR 1828
17 mono_p.gif [R 332.49 M88] All the money in the world The art and history of paper money and coins from antiquity to the 21st century Mudd, Douglas HARPER COLLINS 2006
18 mono_p.gif [338.50946 H217A] American treasure and the price revolution in Spain, 1501-1650. Earl Jefferson Hamilton. Hamilton, Earl Jefferson, HARVARD UNIVERSITY PRESS 1934.
19 mono_p.gif [330.987064 C316] Análisis y ordenación de la obra económica de Arturo Uslar Pietri Colección Historia del pensamiento económico venezolano - 1 Carrillo Batalla, Tomás Enrique ACADEMIA NACIONAL DE CIENCIAS ECONÓMICAS 1990
20 mono_p.gif [332.49 G131] Anatomía del dinero Gaffré, Pierre PLAZA AND JANE EDITORES [1969]

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